The undeniably original, quintessential, modern format Modeling Academy & Deportment School in Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to set the standard by which others measure themselves.

For many years, and many students, Perth Modeling Academy has inspired, coached and launched the careers of countless young women. We do this in an environment of genuine care, commitment & enthusiasm for teaching the next generation of talent how to navigate their careers intelligently, with dignity & style.

The Academy is not just an environment for aspiring fashionistas, but a haven for young women to develop their confidence & self esteem. The program is designed to “Model” students into the best version of themselves in an exciting and supportive environment.

Our original & renowned ’10 Week Modeling Course’, often imitated, yet never truly duplicated, has been recognised in education circles as ‘filling a much needed gap’ in not only the Fashion Industry but in the lives of our Students.

Our time-tested program, industry-leading production values & long-standing partnerships with major agencies combine with a highly sought after leadership & creative team. These make Perth Modeling Academy the only credible choice for young women seeking to succeed in the industry all aspects of their lives.

Please take some time to look around, I truly hope the Academy’s passion & enthusiasm shines through.

p.s…can’t wait to meet you!